Those We've Helped

"The question is not 'Can they reason?' Nor 'Can they talk?' But 'Can they Suffer' "
Jeremy Bentham, Philosopher

Our grants are awarded annually after careful consideration given to each application.

2014 Grant Recipients

2013 Grant Recipients

2012 Grant Recipients

But the work goes on all year round, the success stories too numerous to tell.

Below please find a sampling of the animals we've helped, and the salvation we bring to our friends that can't speak for themselves. All because of the endless efforts and boundless generosity of our donors and volunteers.


All About Spay Neuter Inc. was called by a woman who claimed that a cat that appeared to have been hit by a car was placed on her doorstep in a box. A volunteer from All About Spay Neuter immediately brought the cat in. Miracle was crawling with maggots, had three deep wounds around his rear and one in his mouth. After two and a half hours of cleaning Miracle, they gave him IV fluids and antibiotics. Incredibly he survived the night and was rushed to Dr. Feinsod of Howard Beach Animal Clinic. He gave the kitten a shot to reduce inflammation and provided directions on how to care for Miracle, whose eardrum was also shattered. Miracle requires syringe feedings 3-4 times a day as well as multiple medications to treat his infected wounds and dehydration. Miracle can now stand on his own and clean himself. He is working toward the day when he will be able to eat on his own. His rescuers at All About Spay Neuter pray that little Miracle continues to fight so they can find him an amazing home where he will never have to be on the street again.

Leon and His New Best Friend

Leon is a young white poodle mix who is today a very lucky boy, thanks to the financial support of Pet Peeves and his friends at Last Hope Rescue. Leon, alias "Booker" was rescued off the streets of Wyandanch after being picked up by the Town of Babylon Shelter. The area where he was found wandering is notorious for promoting dog fights and abusive treatment. He was later moved from the shelter and brought to Last Hope's new Dog Rescue Center, where he met his new family about 5 weeks later. Though Leon's past is unclear, his future is bright.

His new parents say they think he really enjoys his new home, especially his new best friend Luna.

We couldn't agree more!

Feral Cats Neutered

Thanks to Pet Peeves' support, the Long Island Cat Project's mobile spay neuter van, in one day, was able to treat 24 feral cats: 6 females were spayed, 18 males were neutered, two cats had poyldactyl (extra) claws removed; saving them from pain, infection and ultimately lameness, and 2 cats were treated for severe eye injuries. The Long Island Cat Project also cleaned the teeth on two cats, and treated them with antibiotics. As a result of their efforts, the suffering of countless unwanted kittens will be avoided and the lives of these cats will be greatly enhanced.


Butch is a 7 year Dutch Shepherd. For Our Friends found this beautiful Brindle fellow and rescued him from the Hempstead Shelter. Butch is not ready for adoption yet because he has some food and object aggression issues, but For Our Friends is working with him and he is making wonderful progress. It will not be long before Butch is ready to go to his new forever home. You can help dogs in need by making a financial contribution to Pet Peeves who provides grants to rescue groups like For Our Friends.

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